Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rosebank Rooftop Market

Have you ever wanted something so badly you decide to part with just a little of your precious precious pride in the hopes of getting it?

My dear friend, who wants to travel more than building a serious shoe collection, roped me into doing something just a little ridiculous (for a 20 something) in order to realise her dreams of nomadic existance… And so because its related to traveling and so is this blog (kinda) it leads me to the first thing to love in Jozi...The Rosebank flea market!
Most of the locals have been here, it’s been around for years, at the Rosebank Mall, a typical flea market in a parking garage. So what's to love... Well, this is just the place to catch a glimpse of the multi-faceted melting pot of Jozi people in action. Rose bank rooftop market is the kitch and colourful icing to a fabulous cake of Rosebank…

To explain the photo; whilst my friend was hatching plans to travel the globe she stumbled across a competition by Colgate to win the opportunity to do just that...All we needed to do was send in our biggest, brightest smiles. So we combined a trip to the Rosebank flea market with an attempt to wow the competition judges...why we needed to do all this in the rosebank public eye escapes me. I suppose the people of Rosebank are an interesting bunch themselves...Have you meet...

(above and below) - Tendai and his wife Theresa do this colourful art on mugs and bowls etc Zac and his wife, Petra, have been selling their art work at the market for the last eight years (above and below) Friends; Tryphina and Anna, have been selling there beadwork/dolls and and for 15 years

More to come... Please make suggestions of what you love in Jozi...I'd love to hear!

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  1. I am posting my first comment on my own blog...hehe! So though Rosebank market is not the ultimate experience in Jozi...The challenge is always this; can YOU find something to LUV!